'Vaishwik Sant Vidyapeeth'
History In Making

Aditya Pratishthan has launched the unique project of founding ‘Vaishwik Sant VidyaPeeth’ (Global University of Saints) - unprecedented in Human History.

Prominent Features of VSVTM are as under:
  1. To build a Temple and Gopuras around for devotees as an abode of the entire project of VSVTM.
  2. To procure land near Lonavala for the multi-dimensional educational and cultural activities of VSVTM. (33 acres have already been procured).
  3. To create a unique library where the complete literature, published and unpublished, of all Global Saints in all Indian and foreign languages will be compiled and stored for the benefit of scholars from all over the world.
  4. To erect a permanent structure of offices, classrooms, hostels, cubicles for research scholars, auditorium, audio-visual lab, guest house etc.
  5. To fabricate a lasting and unique Exhibition based on the inspiring lives and teachings of the great Indian Saints to be displayed through a three-dimensional presentation in panels, as well as India’s contribution to world civilization.
  6. To construct an auditorium for meditation in silent and peaceful surrounding.
  7. To establish a big auditorium for regular programmes such as Pravachanas, Kirtanas, cultural seminars, upasana,yoga, etc.
  8. To construct a special auditorium for symposiums and workshops on State, National and International Level.
  9. To build an audio-visual lab for regular projection of slide-shows and telecast of inspiring programmes, particularly for the school children and the youth.
  10. To maintain a well-planned garden and plantation of a number of trees for pollution-free atmosphere in beautiful surrounding.
  11. To establish a big solar unit to save energy and utilize the natural resources.
  12. To guide and inspire the youth to study and analyse the great Indian Culture.
  13. To encourage scholars for M. Phil. and Ph.D. to undertake a project on Indian Saints, Acharyas and Indian Bhakti Movements, approved by the respective authorities, and to duly support them with financial assistance.
  1. To build a museum of Indian Saints with their original writings, documents, articles, musical instruments etc.
  2. To erect a special auditorium for fine and performing arts etc.
  3. To build OPD for free medical aid to the poor in Maval Taluka & surrounding area.

Students will benefit from the confluence of Integral knowledge with science and Technology. Science will make them successful citizens that the world will respect and the philosophy of ‘Geeta’ will teach them to stay humble and down-to-earth. Modern Sciences will make them well educated but their divine knowledge will help them not to bow down in front of the material invasion. They will be experts in their own occupations but will not hesitate in following our cultural values. VSVTM is indeed History in Making.

Aditya Pratishthan has launched the unique project of founding ‘Vaishwik Sant VidyaPeeth’ (Global University of Saints) - unprecedented in Human History.

International Research Academy (IRA), the heart of VSVTM project will undertake unique projects of fundamental research.

The broad features of IRA are as under –
  1. To compile a Reference Library for the benefit of scholars and students of Research.
  2. To erect special research cubicles with modern techniques available at fingertip.
  3. To encourage the fundamental & comparative Research of Indian Saints belonging to different Indian States.
  4. To invite Research Scholars from all over the world to participate in the International Symposiums to create world-wide awareness of the wonderful preaching of Indian Saints with a view to create peace-loving world community.
  5. To project the lives of great Indian Saints based on the scholarly research in the wellequipped auditorium.
  6. To translate the classical literature of Indian Saints into foreign languages.
  7. To arrange lectures, discussions, workshops, and symposiums regularly and publish research-papers.

Summary: It is our firm faith that by the blessings of God and Saints, this greatest dream of humanity will be realised. Every member of human civilization should be proud of this History in Making.

Donation Schemes

Great Institutions are built brick by brick and you can be part and parcel of it by choosing one of the following options.

Donors who contribute Rs. 1 Crore will be our Patron’s of VSV. They will be a privileged class in VSV.

Donors who contribute Rs. 1 Lac or more will be our Vaishnavjan of VSV. (Certain facilities and concessions will be given to the Vaishnajan & Mahajan in the University.)

We earnestly desire that Five thousand Mahajans together will participate in founding VSV. Aditya Pratishthan expects Rs. 25000/- from five thousand Mahajans each to complete this great mission.

Donate per day Rs. 2.74 only – i.e. Rs. 1000/- once – on any auspicious day of the year continuing for 12 years.

Droplets of water form a big ocean. Similarly our dream of VSV would be real only when every citizen of the world donate a Brick of Rs. 100/- each or in multiples.