Bharatiy Achary
  • Vasudeo Dhondo Award of Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad, Pune
  • Mahanubhav Vishwabharati Award, Amarvati
  • Late Gorathekar Smriti Sanjeevan Award, Nanded
  • Late Sonopant Dandekar Award, Vengurla
  • G. K. Manolikar Prize of Maharashtra Granthottejak Sabha, Pune
  • Federation of Indian Publishers, Delhi chose ‘Indian Acharyas’ as the BEST among books published intwelve regional Indian languages in 1997
Bharatiy Sant
  • Dr.P.N.Joshi Sant-Mitra Award (Sneha- Vardhan Publications, Pune)
  • A.R.Bhat prize- (Maharashtra Granthottejak Sabha, Pune)
Bharatiy Sampraday
  • Keshav Bhikaji Dhavale Award, Mumbai
  • For this monumental work Gurudev Shankar Vasudeo Abhyankar has received a number of Titles and Awards.
  • Aditya Pratishthan has published the ‘Encyclopaedia of Devotion’ (in Marathi) penned by Gurudev Shankar Vasudeo Abhyankar (Co-Editor - Mrs. Aparna Shankar Abhyankar) in five volumes viz.
    1. Bharatiy Achary
    2. Bharatiy Sant,
    3. Bharatiy Sampraday
    4. Bharatiy Upasana
    5. Bharatiy Tirthakshetre-Mandire
    , which is unique and unprecedented in world literature.
  • This monumental work comprises of 5500 double-demy size pages and its edition of 10,000 copies is indeed a record in itself. This great research has been already published in Marathi. The first volume has also been published in English and Hindi and the remaining volumes will be published sequentially in next 3-4 years.
  • The expenditure for this monumental work of the great ‘Encyclopaedia of Devotion’ was raised from masses through the series of discourses of Gurudev Shankar Abhyankar.
  • It is strikingly remarkable that Gurudev Abhyankar has penned this huge Encyclopaedia single-handedly, which is nothing less than a miracle.
  • We are extremely proud that Gurudev Abhyankar has not asked for any kind of royalty, either in the right of Pravachankar or Chief Editor.
  • Late Chhatrapati Sumitraraje Bhonsale and Jyotirbhaskar Jayantrao Salgaonkar were first two Chairmen of ‘Bhaktikosh’ project and presided over the publication of respective volumes.
  • The first volume ‘Indian Acharyas’ in English was published at Avilla, Spain, by Swami Satyananda where Gurudev Shankar Vasudeo Abhyankar won the hearts of participants in the Global seminar by presenting a research paper on Saint Jnaneshwara, acclaimed by scholarly participants from all over the world.
  • ‘Bhakti-kosh’ has received the following most coveted Awards