Aditya Pratishthan Overview


‘तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय|’

“Lead me from the darkness of ignorance to the light of integral Knowledge.”

It is our proud privilege to introduce you to Aditya Pratishthan, a renowned Charitable Trust, which is spreading its wings and expanding its boundaries in India and abroad through a number of philanthropic activities. The trust celebrated its SILVER JUBILEE YEAR in 2007-08.

Aditya Pratishthan was founded on the auspicious day of `Gudhi Padawa’ - the first day of Indian Calender – on April 14, 1983 by Gurudev Shankar Vasudeo Abhyankar. The motto of Aditya Pratishthan is `तमसो मा जोतिर्गमय’ . Aditya Pratishthan has been striving hard for last 32 years to eradicate relentlessly the darkness of ignorance, misunderstanding , misconceptions and wrong notions about our Culture, our Dharma, our Nation, our Great Spiritual Leaders, Acharyas and revered Saints with bright light of the fourfold pathways of Action, Devotion, Yoga and Integral knowledge.

Through its multi-faceted philanthropic activities for last 32 years, the branches of Aditya Pratishthan, spread all over India and abroad, are also working in full swing for mass education and preservation of Indian culture.

The Prominent objectives of Aditya Pratishthan are:

  • To foster moral and educational values in the world society.
  • To protect, nurture and rekindle luminous cultural heritage of India.
  • To consciously improve awareness in the society about our great nation, illustrious spiritual leaders, holy Saints and our inspiring ancient literature through mass education.
  • To publish and promote moral and ethical literature.
  • To preserve and encourage development of various arts and art forms.

Gurudev Shankar Abhyankar’s Principles of Life

Universal Oneness is our Dharma
Selfless Action is our Karma
Selfless Service is our Artha
Philanthropic Work is our Paramartha


The fulfillment of these objectives is achieved through all types of audio-visual media such as series of Spiritual Discourses, Slide-Shows based on Great Lives, Seminars, Work-Shops, Audio- Video CDs, publication of Classical Literature, Kirtans, Lectures etc.

Aditya Pratishthan has contributed substantially to enrich cultural heritage of India and has fulfilled the resolutions made in all these years.

The Trust is ably led by Gurudev Shankar Vasudeo Abhyankar who has acquired an excellent spiritual and scholarly background.